In 2007, Francine Griesing and Jessica L. Mazzeo met when Fran was interviewing for a new legal assistant at the law firm she recently joined. The day they met was one they would never forget – so much so that they both remember what each was wearing! After working closely together for over two years, Fran and Jessica developed such a strong rapport that in January 2010, they opened the doors of Griesing Law, LLC, a full-service business law firm. Meanwhile, Emily Griesing (Fran’s daughter) spent her post-college years working at agencies in New York and Philadelphia doing strategy and marketing research for Fortune 500 companies and large non-profit organizations. After watching Fran and Jessica launch and grow Griesing Law into a one of a kind business, Emily caught the entrepreneurial bug as well. Throughout their first five years in business, Fran and Jessica noticed an increasing amount of professionals and business owners asking for all sorts of marketing and business advice related to how they achieved their success with Griesing Law. So, in 2016, Fran, Jessica and Emily decided to open the doors of Bossible to serve these needs. 

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