Ghostwriting & Copyediting

Entrepreneurs and business leaders have a lot on their plates, and often, writing isn’t their top priority or strong suit. Whether you need a second eye on an existing piece, or something created from scratch, we produce written content you’ll be proud to share.

We research and draft short and long form white-label content as well as review and edit copy for internal and external use to ensure quality and relevance. We’ve provided ghostwriting and copyediting services for the following:

What Our Clients Say

“Looks AWESOME! I love when you make my stuff SO MUCH BETTER.”

“You did a great job of cleaning up my initial vomit draft on the article, so that puts me at ease.”

“That cover letter is AMAZING…OMG it’s a work of art! That’s amazing! I want to hire that guy!”

“I love what you did with this! It’s so much better than what I had originally.”

“I enjoyed your approachable, succinct style.”

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