Marketing Plans

Marketing yourself or your business has many different components, which is why it’s key to have a plan of action for optimal results. We create custom marketing plans to keep you on track to meet your professional goals.

We start by reviewing and evaluating your current marketing efforts and identifying the thought leadership areas that you are known for or would like to be known for. Then, we compile and propose various avenues and outlets to help you gain exposure and grow your reputation in those thought leadership areas. Our detailed marketing plans include:

We offer ongoing marketing consulting services to implement approved items on the marketing plan as well as identify future opportunities.

What Our Clients Say

“I’m so glad we finally started this marketing relationship — helps to have a thoughtful sounding board like you!”

“Emily, my marketing guru.”

“Excellent, very happy with the pace, precision, and quality of work for the spend!”

“Emily, you are worth my weight in gold.”

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