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Lawline – How to Reach Your Target Clients: Going Beyond and Getting Ahead in Legal Marketing: Emily Griesing

A common misstep among lawyers is that their marketing and business development activities only involve other lawyers. From doing CLE to writing legal articles to participating in local, regional, and national Bar Associations, their sphere of engagement revolves around the legal field specifically. On the one hand, contributing to legal outlets and organizations makes a lot of sense as doing so helps you stay abreast of timely legal developments, build credibility in your practice area and develop a solid referral network, among other benefits. However, focusing your energy only on lawyer-heavy “extracurriculars” limits your reach considerably.

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The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia – How do businesses market themselves in times of uncertainty?: Emily Griesing

Now, more than ever, clients and customers are putting their spending dollars behind brands that share their values and are contributing to, rather than taking advantage of, the broader community. Having high-quality products and services is simply a baseline for competing in today’s world – consumers want to see that you care about them as well. In the age of COVID-19, this couldn’t ring truer.

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