Services for Small Businesses


We serve as the outsourced marketing and strategy department for small businesses. We help establish a distinctive business footprint by crafting a unique brand image and tone to stand out from the crowd.

Then, we help you scale by promoting your business through a variety of channels to build reputation and credibility to ultimately generate business. 

Services include:

Review and evaluate current marketing efforts and propose a plan of action that includes business development tactics, non-profit organizations and professional groups to join, speaking and writing engagements and awards centered on niche areas of expertise.

Identify, craft and submit relevant awards and recognitions to promote client accomplishments.

Develop marketing materials that align with your brand and expertise in a clear and concise form for all audiences.

Create, format and organize email newsletters for distribution to client’s network with relevant news updates and client goings-on to stay top of mind.

Design, organize and lead corporate events and promote via digital and press channels.

Research and draft articles for client publication as well as review and edit copy for internal and external use to ensure quality and relevance.

Prepare high quality and persuasive proposals (RFPs, RFIs, pitches, etc.) to optimize business development opportunities.

Research and pitch news and media outlets with client experience in niche areas of expertise to promote thought leadership status.

Formulate research projects to answer pressing business questions, including writing questionnaires, conducting interviews and focus groups and analyzing data to provide key takeaways and actionable insights.

Create and manage social media platforms (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and produce and publish social media content centered on niche areas as well as client goings-on.

Identify, craft and submit relevant speaking and writing engagements to demonstrate client expertise.

Review client’s current website and research comparable sites to develop a website improvement plan which aligns with marketing and business development objectives. Coordinate website redesign and other improvements with outside vendor (e.g., copywriting, proofreading, organization, etc.).

We have a strong network of web and graphic designers who can assist with clients’ creative needs both for print and digital and we are happy to oversee and manage creative output with design vendors.

Our sister company GriesingMazzeo Leadership also provides entrepreneurs and professionals with one-on-one and team coaching to help take charge of their careers and provides businesses with diversity and inclusion training to create diverse working environments that are inclusive for all.

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