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By Emily Griesing | August 23, 2023

A year ago, I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, and came to learn that the State of Utah’s tagline is “Life Elevated.” Now, whenever I return to my new home state and I see that slogan, I feel a sense of comfort.

As someone who reads and writes all day, not only do I love the double entendre (being high in elevation while also being prominent), but I also love how that phrase makes me feel. Living here gives me room to breathe and take in the views of the beautiful landscape all around me. There is something grounding about being high up and looking outward, so you can have a clear view of what’s going on in your surroundings, remembering that the world is much bigger than what’s right in front of you.

Our team at Bossible has been doing the same thing this past year: taking a step back and looking at our industry, our business, and our mission to figure out where we want to go and why. While not new for this year we continue to evaluate how we can best serve the needs of our clients in an ever-changing landscape.

After a fruitful team retreat in January, we revamped our Bossible process and rolled out a more comprehensive set of offerings this year to address the common concerns we hear from business owners and the gaps we see in our industry.

Some of the frequent complaints we hear about marketing include:

  • We spent all this time and money on marketing, but nothing happened.
  • We have a marketing person (or team), but they need too much oversight from me.
  • We haven’t focused on marketing for years (or EVER) and don’t know where to start.
  • We only have a limited budget to spend on marketing, but we know we need it.
  • We don’t know what we don’t know and need help navigating the marketing landscape.


On the flip side, some of the widespread issues we observe in organizations’ marketing endeavors include:

  • A lack of established goals or milestones.
  • Non-marketers handling marketing efforts OR marketing professionals being tasked with handling areas that aren’t their niche.
  • A lack of data tracking or analytics review, so efficacy isn’t being measured.
  • Marketing materials are inconsistent, outdated, or unclear.
  • Marketing efforts and business development efforts are siloed from one another.


As experts in strategic branding, marketing, and business development, our goal is to determine an organization’s needs and goals, assess what’s been working and what hasn’t, create a plan that aligns with those goals and then implement strategies that align with those goals. Creating a roadmap to reaching your marketing and business development goals is critical to your success.

The Bossible Process is a culmination of years of learning, adapting, and refining our approach to serve businesses at their best.

What Marketing Entails

Marketing is more than just advertisements and sales pitches. At its core, marketing is about understanding your target audience, knowing what they want, how they want it, and delivering your message in a manner that resonates deeply with your audience. It’s about weaving a narrative that speaks to the heart and soul of your customers and creating a connection that goes beyond mere transactions. In essence, good marketing paves the way for sustainable and meaningful business relationships.

The Bossible Process

At Bossible, we’ve distilled our experience and expertise into a three-step process that captures the essence of effective marketing and branding.

To ensure we build on a firm foundation, we begin with a strategic marketing audits. This provides a 360-view of your brand, encompassing everything from your online presence, branding materials, to the feedback from your customers. It gives a comprehensive picture of where you stand, what you’re doing right, and the areas that may need attention

Once we understand your brand’s current position, we move into the strategizing phase. Here, we develop a strategic plan that aligns with your organizational goals. This plan doesn’t just live on paper—it’s an actionable guide that ensures cohesion among all of your marketing assets and relevant departments. By creating an accountability framework, we make sure every department works toward the same goal: enhancing the potency and clarity of your brand’s message.

Even the best-laid plans can falter without proper execution. Recognizing that some organizations have the vision but may lack the resources or expertise to bring their ideas to life, we step in to help. Whether you need full-on execution or just some guidance along the way, we’ve got your back. With tailored tactics and a keen understanding of the most effective channels for your business, we ensure that your message not only reaches your target audience but also resonates deeply, prompting them to action.

Since embarking on our entrepreneurial journey over seven years ago, we at Bossible have continuously sought to stay ahead of the curve. By exploring new opportunities, pivoting focus when necessary, and always keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industry, we aim to provide our clients with unparalleled service. The ever-changing landscape of marketing can be daunting, but with a partner like Bossible by your side, you’ll always be poised to rise above the rest, with your brand truly elevated. Take your brand to new heights →

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