Shine Bright like a Diamond: Bringing Brands to Life in 2022

January 10, 2023

2022 was a year of a lot of transition for me personally and for Bossible. I moved to a new city where I knew no one (my fourth city in four years!), adopted two dogs (one of whom I also had to put down over the holidays), and met my stepdaughter for the first time. It was an emotionally jam-packed year.

On the business front, Bossible became my full-time priority, and we brought on two new team members, Vivian Garcia and Sydney Alleyne, to expand our offerings and meet the growing needs of our diverse array of clients. The work we produced in 2022 included some of the projects I am the proudest of since Bossible launched in 2016. Much of this work revolved around establishing dynamic and cohesive brands, then amplifying those brands through strategic marketing and business development efforts so they reached, and resonated with, the right audience.

Bossible is lucky enough to work with some very impressive people and businesses, many of whom are doing life-changing work – from advocating for justice for the underserved to teaching professionals how to listen to better understand one another and their loved ones. It’s a privilege to support such an accomplished and passionate group of individuals and I love bringing our clients’ unique stories to life through their products or services.

Here are some standouts from 2022:


Have you ever thought about what it is costing you not to listen? Well, Christine Miles, CEO and Founder of EQuipt has. Her award-winning book “What Is It Costing You Not to Listen?”, and game-changing approach to listening, known as The Listening Path®, teach people how to listen not only to attend to what others are saying, but to truly understand who they are listening to.

With the release of Christine’s book, Bossible set out to revamp EQuipt’s website and create a branded “storybook” for business development pitching that powerfully and clearly conveys EQuipt’s unique framework around transformational listening, and the professional and personal benefits of learning this critical skill. Our team also handled the concepting and design of an exciting new product under the EQuipt umbrella that will be released later this year.

Jubelirer Law

I met Laurie Jubelirer, Owner and Founder of Jubelirer Law, at Women Owned Law’s Symposium in Philly last spring – the first in-person conference I’d attended since COVID. Laurie and I struck up a conversation about her criminal defense law practice and I loved hearing about the passion and empathy she brings to her clients and work. But after nearly 10 years in business, Jubelirer Law was due for a rebrand.

Through a new logo and website design, our goal was to demonstrate how far Laurie has come while maintaining the integrity of her firm through the care and commitment she brings to her clients. The logo was inspired by one of her heroes, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG), who shares Laurie’s commitment to justice, equality, and standing up for the underdog. Our team integrated RBG’s iconic “dissent” collar into the logo design and wove elements of the iconic Justice into Jubelirer Law’s new website.

Renie Cavallari

Known as the coach who tells it like it is, Renie Cavallari has worked with thousands of leaders and teams on harnessing their full potential and boosting performance through her leadership development and brand strategy firm, Aspire, and research lab, RCI Institute. After leading her companies for over 25 years, she was ready to promote her personal brand as a professional speaker, leadership expert, and author of the Amazon best-selling book, “HEADTRASH: The Leading Killer of Human Potential.”

Bossible was tasked with establishing a unique yet complimentary brand for Renie that coalesced with the credibility and aesthetic of her existing businesses. While keeping a consistent color palette and tone as Aspire and the RCI Institute, we developed a playful and bold logo and accompanied website that conveyed Renie’s personality and expertise as a thought leader on strategy and leadership development.

As the Bossible team gears up for our team retreat in Miami this weekend, we’ll be examining our own brand and the ways we can continue to stand out. If you’re also doing some planning and strategizing around your personal brand or business trajectory in 2023, remember to carve out your niche and define what makes you special. Then, make it easy for others to find you through various digital channels and difficult for them to forget you through compelling and consistent branding. And hey, it never hurts to bask in the sun with your team while you flesh out the details. 😊

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